About Us

Purity, Nothing Less

Hill Water

Is a privately owned and limited by shares company established in 2017. The main activity of hill water is production of bottled water for drinking. For the purposes of its operations the company has extended its presence in almost all regions of Uganda and maintains distribution teams in all those areas. Hill water is a product of four foresighted technocrats who with their experience and endless efforts have set up and established a successful model of water production in Uganda to fuel national infrastructure development and well being of its citizens. The company has an ambitious plan to build a reputation for delivery and distribution of its mineral water to every shop in the country. As a result, the phenomenal growth of hill water limited is not only due to its proven bottle, but also due to consistent quality, excellent sales and after sales services. The experience and expertise of hill water is reflected in the form of repeat orders from its reputed clients.

Our Philosophy

Hill water limited conducts its business in an old-fashion way through being honest, keeping our word, striving to achieve intended goals , responding to customer issues urgently, producing quality water, recruiting the best talent available, employee training and retention, maintain customers with the help of good communication and project management systems.


Hill water limited’s vision is to become the most efficient mineral water producer and distributor partner of choice in Uganda by 2021.


Hill water limited’s mission is to provide high quality mineral water in Uganda, east and central Africa.


More refreshment at market price

Core values

  • Clean, orderly and safe working conditions for our employees.
  • Consistent provision of high quality and timely distribution services.
  • Conducting business with customer focus.
  • Practicing honesty, integrity and keeping ethical standards.
  • Responding promptly and accurately to client’s queries.

Our Objectives

  • To grow and become a highly profitable and reputable company.
  • To become a leading producer and distributor of mineral water in east and central Africa.
  • To develop partnerships and networks with other companies for financing and capital investments to enhance effectiveness and viability of the company.

Code of ethical conduct

Hill water aims at maintaining the highest standard of ethics in the conduct of its business and in its relations with its respective stakeholders.

Our Products

We bottle water that contains dissolved mineral salts and many other elements that you will see printed on the respective bottle stickers.

Environmental, health and safety management policy

Its our responsibility as hill water to ensure a safe work environment for workers, public and stakeholders who maybe affected by our business operations. This will be achieved through implementation and maintenance of national and international safety measures such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.